New Orleans: An entrepreneurial hub

Over the past 15 years, the Greater New Orleans region has transformed into a hub for entrepreneurial activity. Founders are drawn to the unique culture and supportive community, and investors get to take advantage of a cost of doing business that allows their capital to stretch farther than competing markets. The area is rich in diversity, allowing investors to back minority- and woman-owned companies at a higher rate than competing regions. In fact, metro New Orleans is #4 in the USA for Woman and African-Americans in tech and digital media.

Our Proven Track Record

Funders can leverage a rich suite of tax incentives, including a 25% digital media cash credit. Over the past year, there have been more than a dozen major exits in New Orleans, including Lucid ($1.1B), SunPro Solar ($850M) and Levelset ($500M), driving significant returns to investors from across the country, and globe.


Grow with the community

Creativity, ingenuity, passion—the culture of New Orleans is unmatched. And the network of strategic investors and funding organizations is helping it grow more than ever. Because when we invest in New Orleans, everyone wins.


Investor Community

The network of investors continues to grow and expand in New Orleans. From individual investors to angel groups and venture capital and private equity firms, New Orleans is well funded.
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Committed to New Orleans

Investments in New Orleans aren’t just focused on helping businesses grow, it’s focused on helping our community succeed. Because when the city thrives, our people thrive.
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Diverse Focus Sectors

Tech startups, manufacturing, music companies, art organizations and more benefit from local investments. Diverse focus sectors allow for an array of local industries to grow.
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Growth Stage Funding Opportunities

Whether startups are just starting out or looking for funding to take their company to the next level, our investor ecosystem can do it all.
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