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The Greater New Orleans region offers opportunities to build a meaningful career across a variety of growing industries — from technology and gaming, to health sciences, environmental management, and more. In every corner of New Orleans, startups and nonprofits are tackling important challenges with positive impacts throughout and beyond our region. Plus, New Orleans’s manufacturing leaders are paving the way for our future on the ground, at sea, and even deep into space at our NASA facility. Working in Greater New Orleans is about passion and purpose.

Opportunities Abound

This is a business-friendly market with strengths across multiple legacy industries and an impressive track record of establishing leadership across emerging industries. Jobs here are plentiful and diverse, with opportunities to build long, fulfilling careers across a wide variety of industries and positions. Learn more about the jobs available to you in the Greater New Orleans region, as well as the growing employers powering our industries forward.

Local universities offer entrepreneurship curricula, the region’s award-winning talent development programs are steadily feeding talent pipelines for growing companies, and our booming technology sector continues to both bolster and benefit from New Orleans’s next generation of business leaders.


Explore careers in one of the fastest-growing tech markets in the country. Over the past five years, the New Orleans technology sector has witnessed remarkable growth — in its pace, scale, and inclusivity. Not only is the region ranked seventh in the nation for tech growth, it also ranks second for percentage of tech jobs held by women and ninth for percentage of African Americans in tech jobs. With opportunities at companies of all types and sizes — from startups to software development to video games — New Orleans offers more than just jobs in technology. It offers long and meaningful careers.

Tech Jobs
Health & Life Sciences

Anchored by the multi-billion-dollar BioDistrict, Greater New Orleans is making major strides towards the future of healthcare through investments in research and training. The region’s major hospital systems and medical schools are not only breaking ground in the lab, they also are concentrating their efforts on bringing those products and solutions to market. The New Orleans BioInnovation Center has become the hub for our medical and university research to access funding, begin to scale, and commercialize their groundbreaking innovation.

Health & Life Sciences Jobs
Creative Industries

For artists and creative professionals of all types, Greater New Orleans offers unparalleled access to opportunities, platforms, and audiences for their talent. From countless performance venues and art galleries, to world-famous festivals with stages and marketplaces featuring local talent – all of which have pivoted to online programming during the COVID-19 pandemic – to the growing demand for creative professionals among our video game studios and the film industry, New Orleans creatives have outlets for expression and opportunities to build successful careers

Creative Industry Jobs
Advanced Manufacturing

Indeed, the Greater New Orleans region has a long legacy in oil and gas, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and aerospace engineering and is one of the only areas in the world equipped to design, manufacture, and assemble advanced space and defense products, including military ground transportation vehicles, civilian and military aircraft, space vehicles, and both naval and commercial ships. Combined with growth in emerging industries like coastal restoration and renewable energy—and bolstered by the billions of dollars companies are investing into the region to build new chemical plants and manufacturing facilities—careers in skilled trades and manufacturing in New Orleans are both plentiful and stable.

Advanced Manufacturing Jobs
Professional Services

Servicing a variety of clients across industries, professional services workers benefit from broad exposure and experience, while having many opportunities to develop and demonstrate deep subject matter expertise. These companies power the region’s economy and allow businesses to grow with the help of trained professionals. Our region also is home to many national and regional headquarter companies that provide employment opportunities in traditional business operations, such as HR, Sales, Accounting, Finance, and Operations.

Professional Services Jobs

Over the past two decades, New Orleans has established itself as a magnet for visionary talent looking to rebuild, reshape, and rethink the system. Throughout Greater New Orleans, non-profit organizations are working to improve every aspect of life in the region, addressing causes as varied as education and youth development, arts and culture, health and human services, coastal restoration and environmental sustainability, criminal justice reform, and more.

Non-Profit Jobs


New Orleans startups are tackling big business and social challenges across industries and sectors — and they’re transforming the landscape of our region in the process.
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Diverse Industries

From tech to healthcare to manufacturing and beyond, explore the many career opportunities awaiting you in New Orleans.
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Opportunities at every level

Learn more about the career paths available to you in Greater New Orleans, as well as the growing employers, innovative programs, and supportive networks powering our industries forward.
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Check out dozens of New Orleans startups that are solving real-world problems.

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