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Lucid is a research technology platform that provides access to first-party survey data allowing researchers to directly connect with online communities. Founded in 2010 as Federated Sample, Lucid provides users with access to survey respondents in more than 100 countries. The data provided by Lucid is used by businesses and researchers to measure the impact of digital advertising, publish research and develop business strategies.

Industry: Research Technology
Founded: 2010
Total Funds Raised: $64.6M


Date Round Amount
4/10/2017 Series B $60M
4/15/2015 Venture Round $1M
2/19/2015 Venture Round $399.5K
11/8/2011 Series A $2.8M
7/13/2010 Seed Round $355K

Source: CrunchBase

Number of Employees: 400+

Number of Locations: 9 (New Orleans; London; Hamburg; Gurgaon, India; Sydney; New York City; Prague; Singapore; Plano, Texas)

About the Founder

Patrick Comer has been a founder, investor, and executive for startups since 1998, and in market research since 2003. Comer started as Chief of Staff at govWorks, a Silicon Alley darling—featured in In 2005, he improved sample acquisition and matching technology for OTX Research. Patrick was Founder and VP of Operations at Sample Czar and previously worked at IFILM. In 2010, Patrick founded Lucid to bring a programmatic approach to sampling. He also launched Federated Sample and Fulcrum, the precursors to Lucid and the industry's largest DSP and Exchange. Patrick holds a BA from Sewanee and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Why New Orleans?

The remarkable thing about a startup in New Orleans is that there are two passions at play. It is normal for a startup company or a new company to get excited about the mission of the business. We are going to build this thing; we’re going to be disruptive; we’re going to grow fast; we’re going to get excited about it. That is normal. However, there has always been this other passion, this other thing, which is the importance of contributing to the community, that our work was really helping the community, and job by job, hour by hour, rebuilding something. And it’s been a core part of our culture where impact on community is a big part of what we do, and is an equal partner to success of business in terms of how we spend our time and what’s important to us.