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How a local tech community is jazzing up New Orleans

OCTOBER 11, 2023 — Despite being one of the world’s most popular cities, New Orleans still feels like it’s fallen behind after Hurricane Katrina. Michael Stahl explores how a local movement is looking to put their city on the map for its tech, not just its culture.

There are many adjectives to describe the people of New Orleans, Louisiana, but in the nearly 20 years since Hurricane Katrina, “resilient” is the first one that comes to mind for many. (It’s used so often that, in fact, some folks from the area are tired of hearing it.)

“New Orleans is one of the best cities at building community and connecting to each other. Whether it’s our Mardi Gras, our Jazz Fest, or our French Quarter Fest, this city connects better than any other in the world,” Tim Williamson tells me, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and New Orleans native. “Secondarily, our creativity: There’s no city I would put against us around our creativity. We’re the only city that’s developed our own food, music, and holidays.”

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